Workhorse Mediation

A private mediation and family dispute resolution service operating under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) and accredited with the Attorney-General’s Department.

Offering mediation in Brisbane, our focus lies in providing professional and impartial mediation services tailored for families, couples, workplaces, and various other settings where conflict resolution is essential.

At Workhorse Mediation, we believe in facilitating harmonious mediation in Queensland through our accredited private mediation services. Looking to choose a good mediator? Choose Workhorse Advisory.

With a commitment to integrity and professionalism, we are dedicated to guiding the parties towards swift, amicable resolutions in their most challenging circumstances.

Mediation Services

Workhorse Mediation offers specialised mediation services for various settings, including:

Family Dispute Resolution

Resolving disputes within families, including parenting arrangements, inheritance issues, and family conflicts.

Parenting Coordination

Providing a structured process to address and resolve conflicts between co-parents, offering support for healthy and safe relationship dynamics.

Property and Financial Mediation

Assisting separating couples to divide their property, assets and debts either formally or informally.

Workplace Mediation

Assisting organisations to resolve workplace disputes, enhancing communication, and restoring productive and respectful working environments.

Community Mediation

Mediating disputes within community settings, fostering dialogue and understanding between disputing parties.

Other Mediation Services

Tailored mediation solutions for a range of settings beyond the mentioned categories, emphasising conflict resolution and harmony.

About Fran

Fran Stowers is an accredited mediator and accomplished dispute resolution practitioner with a wealth of experience in child, family community and workplace settings. Her strong background in the child protection sector ensures that she brings an empathetic and practical approach to resolving disputes.


Who we work with

Our client base at Workhorse Mediation includes: 

What they say about us

For mediations completed by Fran in 2023, over 95% of participants provided feedback that the mediation promoted collaboration and included all participants in the discussion.

Fran maintained impartiality and provided a fair process where participants were listened to, treated respectfully and were able to say the things they felt were important.

Court Ordered Conferencing

Fran was excellent, during the mediation she made sure the mother was heard.

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The mediation was really well run by Fran. It was positive, I felt heard.

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