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Court Ordered Conferencing

When a matter is contested in court, the court may set a date for a court ordered conference. Conferences provide the parties with an opportunity to discuss and decide the matters in dispute, or ty to resolve the matters before proceeding to a hearing. 


Conciliation is very similar to mediation in that it follows a similar process and is likely a more affordable and efficient process than going to court. The difference with a conciliation is that the conciliator can take an advisory role and provide information on the different pathways the parties may take to reach a settlement.

What they say about us

For mediations completed by Fran in 2023, over 95% of participants provided feedback that the mediation promoted collaboration and included all participants in the discussion.

Fran maintained impartiality and provided a fair process where participants were listened to, treated respectfully and were able to say the things they felt were important.

Court Ordered Conferencing

Fran was excellent, during the mediation she made sure the mother was heard.

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The mediation was really well run by Fran. It was positive, I felt heard.

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