Property and Financial

When couples separate, they may need to make decisions
about how to distribute property, finances, and debts. Property and
Financial Mediation can assist separating couples to discuss
 and agree on how they will distribute their property and financial
assets and debts after separation.

You can start the process of Property and Financial Mediation at any time after you have separated. It is important to note that there are time limits to apply to Court if you cannot reach an agreement. This time limit is within 12 months of a divorce for married couples, and within two years of the relationship ending for de facto couples.  

Division of property, assets and debts is not always straight forward. A trained mediator can support each couple equally to negotiate and document an agreement. The process is voluntary and relies on both parties providing a full and frank disclosure about all financial matters. If the parties don’t make a full and frank disclosure, any agreement reached may be overturned later by a Court.  

It is always recommended that you seek legal advice about property and financial agreements to ensure you fully understand your individual position, even if you can amicably reach an agreement.  

Property and Financial Mediation is a more affordable, efficient, and less stressful way to resolve your disputes than a Court process.

What they say about us

For mediations completed by Fran in 2023, over 95% of participants provided feedback that the mediation promoted collaboration and included all participants in the discussion.

Fran maintained impartiality and provided a fair process where participants were listened to, treated respectfully and were able to say the things they felt were important.

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Fran was excellent, during the mediation she made sure the mother was heard.

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The mediation was really well run by Fran. It was positive, I felt heard.

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